More Great News!!

We are pleased to announce that H.O.P.E. Community Thrift Store and The Harvest Food Pantry are moving to a new location in November!!! The store/pantry will move to the former Ring’s Store currently occupied by Countywide Office Supply at 122 N. Side Square in downtown Macomb. The store will temporarily close November 7th for the move and open somewhere around the 21st of November (or before). October 7th will begin a 50% off sale on selected items as well as more items added to the free room. We have a few fixtures for sale also. We are in need of lots of cardboard boxes and plastic grocery sacks. Please drop them by the store anytime that we are open. Volunteers will be needed to help in the coming weeks especially the week of November 3-8th. Heavier fixtures are scheduled to be moved on Saturday November 8th. We need some strong guys to help us!! Thank you community for all your support and we will try to transition as smoothly as possible!!!

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