I think it is wonderful that as the Lord Jesus reached out to so many in need, that your ministry also reaches out. It is my personal experience that far too many are so busy being pious, righteous and godly that they don’t have time or energy to extend their hand to the needy. If I be in Christ and Christ in me, and I being the servant, then I bear witness to him without judgement of not just myself but of those things seen and heard. It is only by his Spirit that I may do any good as I write this, may his blessings abound in the work you are doing. Far from perfection I thank God that he allows me to see his will at work in others. This is one of the miracles he has provided to strengthen my personal testimony and relationship with him. He has work for us all and though we do different things, may we glorify him in all. May God’s grace and peace strengthen and sustain you, your ministry and those in need through our Lord Jesus Christ. Bless you.———-anonymous

I have had the great privilege of helping to start Macomb Project H.O.P.E. I thank God for allowing me to become a part of a great group of individuals who give their time and talents in this shared dream of making a difference in our community. Throughout my life experiences, I have learned that faith and hope are my anchors in having a life worth living. I’ve learned that nothing is impossible for God and that He is the author and sustainor of hope in my life and the lives of others. He is always constant and always working. Even though Macomb Project H.O.P.E. is a new ministry, God has allowed rapid growth and many blessings too numerous to count in our short history. Through good times and bad, God is always giving us guidance and direction. Jesus Christ is my hope and all that Project H.O.P.E. is to me lies in my faith that He guides and answers prayer. I am currently on the board of directors and the manager of H.O.P.E. Community Thrift Store. My father was an entrepreneur and so this has been exciting for me to carry on that tradition by helping to start and maintain a business dedicated to serving people with the love of God. It is His store and His marketplace. I have learned a lot in the months that the store has been open as I work with various volunteers and volunteer organizations. I wish to encourage anyone who wants to make a difference in this community to join us in our endeavors. Helping others truly is the pathway to hope, happiness, and joy.  ___________Rhonda

I became involved with Project HOPE recently through my position as president of a volunteer organization on campus here at WIU. It sounded like a great new volunteer opportunity as I had not been here previously. I think that Project HOPE is a wonderful addition to the Macomb community to provide resources and necessities for the residents who need them who otherwise cannot afford such items. I highly encourage others to get involved and volunteer for this organization to give back and help others and learn to appreciate what they have. Volunteering gives perspective to your everyday life. It’s an experience unlike anything else. People should take the chance once in a while to truly see how simple it is to make an impact in someone’s life. Every action, big or small can make all the difference to someone.———————–Stacy

I first became aware of Project H.O.P.E. Thrift Store because I am an avid thrift and consignment store shopper. When a couple of my friends stopped in to shop, we got to talking with one of the workers and mentioned that we were fashion majors. After learning this, the worker gave me her card and said if we ever wanted to bring a group in to volunteer to let her know. We brought a group of about seven from our fashion organization on campus. The next year I became an executive board member for a full time volunteering organization. As an executive board member, I am in charge of running a volunteer event weekly. Without a thought I knew I wanted to try to work something out with Project H.O.P.E. I have since been bringing a small group almost every week to do whatever odd jobs are needed.——————–Jessica